Saturday, September 3, 2011

#Pym - Twitter Book Club Discussion

Are you interested in discussing Pym by Mat Johnson on Twitter?

When: September 26th - September 30th between 5pm - 6pm Eastern
Where: On Twitter, silly. Use this hashtag to follow along ---> #Pym

I'll come up with a few questions each day for different parts of the book and moderate the discussion using the format below:

Q1: So what did you think of the cover design of Pym?
A1: Oh, it's really really cute, for sure! Really.

You get the gist. Don't worry, I won't actually ask that question. *giggle*

So here is how the book will be sectioned off:

Monday: Preface - Chapter 5
Tuesday: Chapter 6 - 10
Wednesday: Chapter 11 - 15
Thursday: Chapter 16 - 20
Friday: Chapter 21- Interlude . all you have to do is get the book!

P.S. I'll add the discussion questions on my blog in case you'd rather participate that way.


Andrea (Andee) Beltran said...

I'd like to participate. I'm going to try to get this reading in soon!

evelyn.n.alfred said...

Cool beans.