Monday, October 11, 2010

For Colored Girls Discussion: Day 6

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Questions from "latent rapists'" (pages 16-21):

1. The stereotype that a rapist must be a stranger is discussed by the ladies. Do you think people still hold on to that same stereotype today? Why?
2. Do these "latent rapists'" feel as if they are violating these women?
3. Why have these ladies of the rainbow considered suicide?
4. This poem doesn't have any music to accompany it. Was that purposeful or coincidence in your opinion? If you could add some, what would you choose?


Keith Wilson said...

1. Yes. I know women who are only comfortable with being walked to their car because of this kind of a thing, and yet I think that most rape probably happens in relationships that already exist (romantic or friend). I think it's because it's easier for others to 'know' a woman was raped if it was a stranger, so they ignore the complications of that other kind of rape.
2. Maybe not at the time. I don't know. I think if that's the case, that they don't know, that it's indicative of a society that demands men take what they want.
3. I think suicide, here as well as elsewhere, is an answer to a question that life won't give. To suffering and loneliness and most of all helplessness.
4. I think it was purposeful. Imagining it on stage is powerful, I think, for the sudden silence. I'm not sure that I'd add any

evelyn.n.alfred said...

1. I agree. I wish I knew some statistics that discussed the numbers on rapes by strangers vs those by people the women knew. I don't like walking alone in the dark either.
2. Honestly I'm not sure, but I think that some of them must think that it's pleasurable for the women...?
3. I agree with you.
4. I think it was purposeful too. The silence is profound, but if I were to add music it be scary. Maybe a lot of voices saying no at different pitches.