Wednesday, October 6, 2010

For Colored Girls Discussion: Day 3

Did you miss yesterday's questions? Click here.

Questions for Wednesday (from pages 10-13):

1. What are your initial reactions to the lady in blue?
2. How do you think the lady in blue would describe her ethnic background?
3. Did you have to look up any of the people the lady in blue mentions? Which ones?
4. All the ladies chant "te amo mas que." What significance does it have?
5. Do you have a favorite line (or lines) from this section? Quote them.


Keith Wilson said...

1. I feel like the Lady in Yellow, she's trying to be loud in her own way. I identify with her sense of racial confusion; she feels like her race is controlled by outside forces, but whatever it is, it's important.
2. She seems to primarily identify as black as a race, but with spanish also as a language.
3. I didn't, but I'm power reading. :)
4. Without knowing what it means, I can only say it becomes sort of religious, possibly supportive or communal. Shared.
5. "Heroically resisting being possessed." Definitely. No better way to describe dancing, because I don't and yet I understand that.

evelyn.n.alfred said...

1. Did you mean the lady in blue?

2. I think she is Black, but would rather identify as a Latina. Some of things she associates with blackness is negative.

3. I did, and it widened the picture for me. Plus I found some good music to listen to.

4. I agree with you. It means I love you more than.

5. Nice choice.