Thursday, July 8, 2010

What is your writing process like?

I'm very curious about how writers - especially published ones - write. I'd like to know their whole writing process, from the brainstorm, first draft, second draft, seventy-elevnth draft, all the way up to publishing. It would be nice to know these things, to see if their advice could help me with my own writing.

Would anyone want to hear about the writing process of a newbie like myself?


Yeah, I didn't think so, but hey, it's my blog, I can do what I wanna.

*Who's gonna check me Boo?*

So anyway, I'm planning on submitting 3-5 bop poems to Bop, Strut, and Dance: A Post-Blues Form for New Generations. I figure I could share my whole process with writing these poems to the point I submit them, including the acceptance/rejection.

Tag along with my process, encourage me on the way.

* * * * * * *

Right now I'm in the beginning stages, which means I'm mostly thinking about writing the poems.


Hey, thinking is a part of the process, at least for me. My thoughts are to connect the poems together in some way. Linking them together helps me write more, for some reason. Due to how bop poems are structured, I'm thinking of linking them together using songs from one album.

Let me back up a bit for those who are unfamiliar with bop poems. A bop consists of three main stanzas, and in between those stanzas there is a refrain that is repeated, which is taken from an actual song. The last CD, um, album...what are we supposed to call it when you download the whole thing from iTunes? Whatever you call it, the most recent one I've purchased is The Arch Android by Janelle Monae, so her music is fresh in my brain. Her, um, iTunes album is cohesive on it's own, so the theme will reveal itself easily I'm sure.

Next part of the thinking process will be to pick those five songs and song lyrics that will become the refrains. They will be the ones that sound the best to my ear and work well together as a group.


"Locked Inside" is probably going to be one of the songs, along with "Say You'll Go", and "Bahbopbye ya" because those are three of my favorite cuts. Then maybe "Cold War" and "Neon Valley Street" or "Mushrooms & Roses."

*off to think some more*


thestoryinme said...

I'm also termed as a "newbie" writer even though I've been writing since I was like five years old. I just haven't had a novel published..yet. Working on that. :) I really like this post. I don't think people really take into consideration how different writing processes can be for each writer. For me, I always come up with a story idea in the most random of places and then I jot it down in a notebook I carry everywhere. Then, I outline the plot, do character sketches, tweak the plot some more, come up with some dialogue notes. After that, I head into the first draft. I don't like to edit, so that's my least favorite part haha.


evelyn.n.alfred said...

I've never been able to outline a plot before, because I don't always know how it's going to end, I just get an idea for a poem/story and roll with it...perhaps that's why I don't always finish. Eeek!

preciouswilliams said...

Great blog! As for writing processes - I have to begin by meditating. If I don't meditate myself into a certain mindspace, everything else will intrude and sabotage my writing. I also have to have music, usually burn incense and need total quiet. All these little rituals help shut out the busy-ness of the 'real' world and allow me to drift into writing mode. Precious

evelyn.n.alfred said...

Thank you Precious. Meditating? I've never heard anyone else say that. Interesting.

Ernessa from 32 said...

I'm so interested in your journey, especially since you're a poet and I just don't have that talent in me.

evelyn.n.alfred said...

Oh Ernessa, I don't believe that you don't have poetry talent in you. I bet I could find several poetic passages in 32 Candles.

Thanks for commenting, I'm totally geeked up about it, but I'm going to pretend I'm cool.