Friday, July 23, 2010

What is your writing process like? Part 4

Click here for part three.
I found a pattern in the first stanza of bop #2. I had 4 words in most of the lines, so I used that same pattern in the other 2 stanzas (not including the refrains). Following the word amount helped push me to write more, oddly enough.

The second stanza is completed, but I'm still working on getting the third stanza to fit the word count.

Side note: It appears that my theme is writing. You know, like poems about writing...I guess my subconscious had these writing process blogs in mind. :-)

Another side note: Tara Betts noticed Jonterri and I tweeting about writing bops and told us to submit to Bop, Strut, and Dance. Sweet!!!

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