Thursday, July 22, 2010

Light Boxes by Shane Jones

Light Boxes is the type of novel that I would love to be able to write. It's structured basically like a collection of poems that tells a complete story.

Imagining myself completing a novel is hard for my brain to conceive. It doesn't seem within my abilities. Poems are still a difficult and time consuming process, however, they are at least visible on my horizon. If it's on my horizon, I can work at making it happen.

Cute things about Light Boxes:

1. The cover is adorable.
2. It's 145 pages.
3. It's about the size of my hand.
4. The font changes size sometimes, for emphasis.
5. One of the characters likes making lists. :-)

Key characters:

1. Thaddeus
2. Selah
3. Bianca
4. February
5. The Solution (pictured on the cover)

Plot summary:

1. A small town is being inflicted with experiencing winter for more than the three months typically allotted on the calender.
2. February has taken control of the town using magical parchments that when written on, become fact.
3. Apparently February isn't a fan of flight (or sunshine) and gets rid of it.
4. The constant cold weather and flightless-ness dissolves the towns happiness, sparking rebellion.
5. Members of town struggle to come up with ways to defeat February.

Questions for the author:

1. How did you go about selecting the names for the characters?
2. What other title names did you consider for Light Boxes?
3. Have you ever made Selah's mint soup?
4. How old is Bianca?
5. Did you choose the font?


Get this book in paperback. It's worth owning and you might want to take some notes in it or underline a few parts. And reread a few parts.


Ernessa from 32 said...

That sounds SO good. But can I say, I would frickin kill myself if February took over -- and I live in California! I hate February -- except for Valentine's Day which is pretty nice ... now.

evelyn.n.alfred said...

I understand. I'm from California originally and living on the east coast I certainly experience a bit of seasonal affective disorder...and February in California is mild in comparison to other places.