Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"I Wish I Wrote That!" Wednesday: Light Boxes

As an aspiring writer (and therefore, a voracious reader), I often find myself reading other authors and saying to myself "I wish I wrote that!" I'm sooooo impressed by an author's ability to construct words into meaningful and fresh sentences, that I'd like to highlight them here on my blog on Wednesdays. ********************************************************************************
Light Boxes
by Shane Jones
Page 36

I told the townsfolk that the war against February was as necessary as the air we breathed. If we refused to fight back, the cold and gray would settle like an endless blanket of rocks.
Isn't that just a bite size bit of pretty? The sentiment is on the gloomy side, but written beautifully. I'm sure you can imagine how difficult it would be to remove an infinite amount of rocks off of you. I like it, and Shane has several of these pretty sentences in his novel.

I wish I wrote that!


twitches said...

Best description of February I've ever read.

evelyn.n.alfred said...

Isn't it great. I think a lot of poets would enjoy this book.