Wednesday, June 2, 2010

poem about my father #5

at the beginning
i remember: asking for
help, the phone click, and the letter sent.


Affrilachian Bus Tour 09 said...

I dig this. Is it in a certain form?

evelyn.n.alfred said...

Thank you. It is a certain form, a 579 poem. I made it up a few days ago. :-)

5 syllables - line one
7 syllables - line two
9 syllables - line three

Ms. M. Hudson said...

This is #5. What is your vision? Do you plan to write a specific number of three-line poems about your father to reveal a narrative?

Tyler said...
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evelyn.n.alfred said...
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Vizionheiry said...

Wow. You have Ms. Hudson herself, hitting you up.

Go head.

And if she returns, yes it's a 9 poem series.