Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"I Wish I Wrote That!" Wednesday - The Dear One

As an aspiring writer (and therefore, a voracious reader), I often find myself reading other authors and saying to myself "I wish I wrote that!" I'm sooooo impressed by an author's ability to construct words into meaningful and fresh sentences, that I'd like to highlight them here on my blog on Wednesday. **************************************************************************
The Dear One
by Jacqueline Woodson
Page 7

I stayed two weeks. And although Dad and I played chess, took walks full of long silences through Denver, and kissed each other hello and good-bye, the smell of his pipe was all that was familiar about him now. We talked around things the way strangers did.
That last line struck a cord with me. Can't you imagine this? The fact that this line in particular smacked my senses is probably very telling about my own relationship (or lack there of) with my father, but I think anyone could relate to that weird, awkward silence you feel when you are spending time with someone you should be close to, but you aren't anymore.

I wish I wrote that!

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