Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bicycles: Love Poems by Nikki Giovanni

Nikki Giovanni is still riding around in my mind after the cento mini-challenge. I bought another collection of Nikki's poet while I was eating at Bus Boys & Poets yesterday. I had to choose between a thick collection of selected poems or the collection of love poems. I was tempted to by the selected poems because I would get a bunch more poems, but I'd rather collect all of her books eventually and be able to decide for myself which poems are the best ones. I figure the poems in a "selected" collection are the ones the author/agent/editor believes are the greatest in a book...but we might have different taste. I chose to get Bicycles.

I read the following poem from Nikki's Bicycle collection to my valentine.

Your Shower

I wish I could be
Your shower
I would bubble
Your hair
Tickle my way
Down to your lips
Across your shoulders
And over your back
Around your waist
Bounching off your knees
Fall to the tips
Of your toes
Then journey back
Warm Wet
Sticky Sweet
Up and Down
Around and Around
Around and Around
Around and Around
There is
No more hot


New moon said...

Wao what a very good poems i like it so much. thanks for sharing us.

Love Short Poems

evelyn.n.alfred said...

No prob. I love sharing Nikki.