Wednesday, January 6, 2010

32 Day Writing Challenge - Day 6

Dear Snow,

Please come to visit. I miss you immensly. I know you were just here a few weeks ago, but I need to see you again. I wasn't even expecting your last visit. I'm ready now. Not just me, we are ready for you.

It be great if you can come through early in the morning, say 2 or 3 am. If you knock gently at the window I will check for your arrival and then turn on the tv to see if everyone in the county agree that we should stay indoors in honor of your visit.

I will wear the official snow day apparel, pajamas, and participate in the two-hours-of-extra-sleep-in-the-bed ritual. Even have a new shovel for you, so you can be piled in neat, white mountains on the side of the stairs.

So how about it Snow? Do we have a deal? Will you come by? I promise to be sweet. I'll put on some hot chocolate and relax. And, I won't forget to do my excersize no matter how hard you come down.

*eyes closed*

See, I'm already prepared. If there's anything you need of me, let me know. I heard an old wives' tale a while back that if I wear my jammies inside out, then you will appear. I know that's fake (because I tried it once) but I'll do it again if it will make the difference.

I'm just saying, thinking about it.

Wishing you were here,


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