Thursday, September 3, 2009

Triolet Thursday

What is a triolet? Check the original post if you need some explanation.

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Triolet #4 (The Treadmill is Calling)

The treadmill is calling my name
I listen, but I am tired
My excuses are very lame
The treadmill is calling my name
This muffin top, showing my shame
My sneakers frown and say "you're fired!"
The treadmill is calling my name
I listen, but I am tired.


Vizionheiry said...

I had to look up muffin top. (Ok...)

Ooh, maybe one of those treadmill/laptop combos will work. You can write and exercise at the same time.

The gazelle is calling my name.

I like the Triolet Thursdays concept! Keep it going!

evelyn.n.alfred said...

Really, muffin top is not common knowledge? Perhaps you don't have one then? Lucky you!

Doret said...

Love the muffin top line. I wasn't lucky enough to have to look it up.

evelyn.n.alfred said...

Join the muffin top club Doret! Unite! :-)

MarthaE said...

Hi Evelyn! I like your poetry offerings. Unfortunately I can relate to the calling treadmill and the muffin top; and the calling road to walk or pool to swim in. Lame excuses... "its too hot" "its too cold"! ;D

Vizionheiry said...

Came back to add, after learning what a muffin top is from this poem. I see and hear the term everywhere now.

I don't have enough muffin to peek over the top. One of those sistas without the coke bottle shape, more Queen Latifah boxish.

This poem stuck with me. That's why I featured it on my blog.

evelyn.n.alfred said...

Thanks for featuring me. Sweet!

Jara said...

Hi. I found you through vizionheiry's line by line feature post.

Since the muffin top is getting so much props, I'll add my other favorite line:
My sneakers frown and say "you're fired!"

Talking inanimate objects have a permanent place in my imagination. Love how they're joining in with the treadmill for neglecting them, too.