Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Writing Goals

I have two writing goals. Two. I add them as I figure out my writing weaknesses.

1. Write daily for (at least) 30 minutes.

2. Fill up a composition book before buying another one.

Along with having a clear book obsession, I also have intense crushes on composition books. I thought maybe it would wane after I purchased my cute little Acer netbook, Kit Kat, but I still swoon when I come across a unique one. I saw one yesterday at the grocery store that had a blue & black argyle print on the front and I almost bought it, but I remembered my second writing goal and I resisted the temptation.

My reason behind goal #1 may be obvious. If I'm not writing regularly, am I really a writer? Goal #2 is to encourage myself to complete something I start.

Completing one solitary poem is something I am capable of doing. Finishing a group of poems that are all related to one story....I have yet to accomplish that, yet. I have a grip of composition books that are a fourth of the way full.

*flipping through my current composition book*

Sixty percent finished.


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