Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"I Wish I Wrote That!" Wednesday

As an aspiring writer (and therefore, a voracious reader), I often find myself reading other authors and saying to myself "I wish I wrote that!"

I'm sooooo impressed by an author's ability to construct words into meaningful and fresh sentences, that I'd like to highlight them here on my blog each Wednesday.

by Saul Williams
MTV Pocket Books
Page 83

i write in red ink
that turns blue
when the book closes


Man! So, Saul...are you trying to say that when you are writing about your lady friend, the things you write down about her are passionate with love/hate, but end up making you sad after it's been written and you've reflected on it a day or two later? I love it!

I wish I wrote that!


Color Online said...

Ah, I'm a Williams fan and apparently so are my girls. His collection has walked from our library, twice. ((sigh))

evelyn.n.alfred said...

Walked away, eh? Funny how that happens, books growing legs. Sometimes I put mine on boats and they sail into little hands...