Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mystery Musze (Part 2)

Kim: OMG! He came to kickboxing class 2day.

Cookie: Gawd and I missed it!
:-( Had to hit the books. Did he look good?

Kim: Better than butter and biscuits. I almost bit him. He is a sexxxxxy biaach.

Cookie: ROFL!! Did you let Silawn know?

Kim: Yes. She's nearby, rgt up the block.

Cookie: That was quick! :-)

Kim: On her motorcycle. We won't lose him this time.

Cookie: Are we really going to go thru with this...?

Kim: Lawd. Gotta go. Give the boys a kiss for me. MUAH!


Silawn and Joi were waiting idly a block away from the gym, waiting for HIM to pass by.

"Kim said he's going to be wearing all black, so keep a look out," Silawn says, nervously looking around.

Joi nods, but is silent. Her face looks determined, determined to have her very own M moment. She had a packet of tissues in her pocket just in case she didn't. Her cell phone tinkled out a familiar chime.

"Start your bike Silawn. Kim just texted, he's coming this way."

Silawn had already spotted him, but hadn't moved an inch. She watched him glide along the sidewalk, his feet were barely touching the ground, it seemed. She was frozen standing there. The feeling was strange, she couldn't even explain it with subtext. As he got closer, shadows began to form across his face. If she didn't have shades on, it would have looked absurd, staring for such a long time. He called out her name...

"Silawn! Hello! Come back from the dead. Now is not the time to be still. Wake up," Joi shook Silawn's shoulders gently to pull her out of her trance.

"Sorry, let's go. Text Kim back and let her know we are going to follow his taxi."

(to be continued...)

What do the ladies have planed for the Mystery Muzse? Can Silawn and Joi follow him without getting busted? And just where is he going anyway? You'll just have to wait and see...

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