Monday, July 27, 2009

The Fresno Poetry Scene: An Oxymoron (Part I)

Thirty minutes late and when I walked in, I spotted the turkey on the leash immediately. Turkey on a leash? Yes a turkey on a leash, Butterball I think and frozen solid. The turkey's owner was an older gentleman, well into retirement. Only for a second did I mistake him for being the person who takes the 5 dollar "donation" even though the show is free. Of course, he couldn't be that guy, because in his other hand was a plunger and you can't exactly accept donations with your hands full, can you? Nah.

I quickly moved further into the venue (at the Smokehouse) and was frustrated when I saw that all the seats were full. I mean, from wall to wall, to the sweat drops down yer...*Remix* Okay not really, that joint was soooooo empty you might have been able to hear your own echo if the music hadn't been playing. I'm not exaggerating. I actually counted everyone. Seventeen people. That's including the work staff.

The first poet to hit the dance floor (because there wasn't a stage, just the mic) was Jacob, who gave a disclaimer at the beginning that he was going to attempt to do the poem from memory. His nerves got the best of him and he had to refer back to his notebook a few times. Having your girlfriend in the audience as you perform a poem about your love for her is enough to make anyone nervous, I suppose.

Next up was Turkey-on-a-leash Man.

Getting sleepy. Tell ya the rest later...

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dien said...

If you think the poetry scene in Fresno is non-existent, try the sci-fi/fantasy. :P